My aim with these Blogs is to pass on simple, easy, tips and hints for improved well-being.  I avoid suggesting anything unpleasant or prohibitively expensive as I prefer the bang-for your-buck  interventions;  the ones that under-promise and over-deliver!

Good Health shouldn’t  have to be an expensive or elusive quest.  I don’t post too often either as excessive advice is just as annoying as not having enough information; there are only so many hours in a day to get everything done

  • Natural Management Techniques for Muscle & Joint Pain (12/18/2018)-   In my clinical practice clients often seek my opinion on how to relieve joint and muscle pain in a natural drug free way. One of my first recommendations is to look at the diet , replacing foods known to inflame the body with foods that are known to have […]
  • Just Breathe (1/8/2018)-   If we had to nominate the most important nutrient for our wellbeing it would uncontestably be oxygen.  No other nutrient is anywhere near as  indispensable;  easily proven by seeing how long you can hold your breath for! Poor breathing patterns are, overwhelming, the rule rather than the exception amongst us.  […]
  • Walking towards a Healthier Brain (10/6/2017)- There is good evidence to suggest that walking is a useful tool in helping to stave off cognitive decline as we age; and this does seem like common sense – healthy body, healthy mind etc. But what precisely is happening when we walk that achieves this? And do other forms […]
  • Natural Immune Boosters (5/5/2017)- With autumn well underway now is the time to give you immunity a boost before the cold and flu season hits. I find a natural and healthy way to strengthen the immune system and maintain wellness, is to add or increase immunity-boosting foods and supplements into my diet. Super food […]
  • Time to Make a Stand – it’s NEAT! (3/20/2017)- Ah, a new acronym; NEAT: non-exercise activity thermogenesis (thermogenesis means “to burn calories thus creating heat”) But what does it mean?? NEAT was coined Dr. James Levine, a pioneering researcher into the negative health effects of sedentary life-style at the famous Mayo Institute in the US. In a nutshell, NEAT is all the moving around we […]
  • Turmeric ; perhaps the spice of life! (11/7/2016)- Turmeric is, probably, the most clinically researched spice.   Its anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties are very well documented, both as food and nutraceutical (supplement).  Turmeric is certainly one of my go-to suggestions for the maximum number of health benefits from one source. You are almost certainly familiar with turmeric as the bright […]
  • If you have Arthritis then Boron Is not Boring! (7/20/2016)- The wear ‘n tear condition, Osteoarthritis (OA), is very prevalent in Australia – this is not a news flash to you I’m sure! Anti-inflammatory drugs such as over-the counter Nurofen, along with prescription ones like Mobic are big sellers for this reason. There is a growing body of evidence that […]
  • The life saving benefits of donating blood (and it’s not what you may think!) (3/9/2016)- The life you save through donating blood might be your own! Research reveals an 88% reduction in risk of heart-attack for those who donate blood! This statistic is based on a study in Finland of 2682 men who donated blood at least once a year. Other studies conducted in relation […]
  • Good news …..Stiff and sore is not inevitable (2/12/2016)- ;Hi there! Stiff and Sore .. Check out this five minute Youtube presentation by the very entertaining Dr Gill Hedley;  its an excellent encouragement to maintain some sort of regular, life-long exercise habit. Dr.  Gill, an anatomist, graphically demonstrates the actual physical changes that take place in the body […]
  • HEAL YOUR GUT & BALANCE YOUR BODY WORKSHOP (10/13/2015)-  BALANCE YOUR BODY WORKSHOP Fermented Foods naturally assist the beneficial bacteria in our gut, thus enhancing and supporting our digestive, immune, lymphatic and nervous systems. Suffers of the many physical symptoms associated with IBS, CFS and Fibromyalgia, Leaky Gut, Headaches, Food Allergies, Inflammation, Emotional Imbalance, Chronic and Acute Ailments, Recurrent […]