My aim with these Blogs is to pass on simple, easy, tips and hints for improved well-being.  I avoid suggesting anything unpleasant or prohibitively expensive as I prefer the bang-for your-buck  interventions;  the ones that under-promise and over-deliver!

Good Health shouldn’t  have to be an expensive or elusive quest.  I don’t post too often either as excessive advice is just as annoying as not having enough information; there are only so many hours in a day to get everything done

  • Natural Management Techniques for Muscle & Joint Pain (12/18/2018)-   In my clinical practice clients often seek my opinion on how to relieve joint and muscle pain in a natural drug free way. One […]
  • Just Breathe (1/8/2018)-   If we had to nominate the most important nutrient for our wellbeing it would uncontestably be oxygen.  No other nutrient is anywhere near as  […]
  • Walking towards a Healthier Brain (10/6/2017)- There is good evidence to suggest that walking is a useful tool in helping to stave off cognitive decline as we age; and this does […]
  • Natural Immune Boosters (5/5/2017)- With autumn well underway now is the time to give you immunity a boost before the cold and flu season hits. I find a natural […]
  • Time to Make a Stand – it’s NEAT! (3/20/2017)- Ah, a new acronym; NEAT: non-exercise activity thermogenesis (thermogenesis means “to burn calories thus creating heat”) But what does it mean?? NEAT was coined Dr. James Levine, a pioneering […]
  • Turmeric ; perhaps the spice of life! (11/7/2016)- Turmeric is, probably, the most clinically researched spice.   Its anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties are very well documented, both as food and nutraceutical (supplement).  Turmeric is certainly […]
  • If you have Arthritis then Boron Is not Boring! (7/20/2016)- The wear ‘n tear condition, Osteoarthritis (OA), is very prevalent in Australia – this is not a news flash to you I’m sure! Anti-inflammatory drugs […]
  • The life saving benefits of donating blood (and it’s not what you may think!) (3/9/2016)- The life you save through donating blood might be your own! Research reveals an 88% reduction in risk of heart-attack for those who donate blood! […]
  • Good news …..Stiff and sore is not inevitable (2/12/2016)- ;Hi there! Stiff and Sore .. Check out this five minute Youtube presentation by the very entertaining Dr Gill Hedley;  its an excellent encouragement to […]
  • HEAL YOUR GUT & BALANCE YOUR BODY WORKSHOP (10/13/2015)-  BALANCE YOUR BODY WORKSHOP Fermented Foods naturally assist the beneficial bacteria in our gut, thus enhancing and supporting our digestive, immune, lymphatic and nervous systems. […]